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Cement Production Line

Cement Production Line

Production Capacity: 100 ton per day to 2000 ton per daySite of Cement Production Line

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Introduction to Cement Production Line:

The cement production line (cement plant) is a cement equipment production line composed by a series of equipment. This production line mainly consists of the process of crushing and prehomogenization, raw materials homogenizing, preheating decomposition, cement clinker firing and cement grinding packaging.

Work Site of Cement Production Line

Equipment Involved in Cement Equipment (Cement Machinery):

The main cement equipment includes cement rotary kiln, cyclone preheater and grate type cooler.

The cement rotary is the main equipment for burning cement clinker, which has been widely used in the cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. This equipment is made up of cylinder, belt wheel supporting device, block transmission device, flexible kiln head, sealing device, burning device components and other parts with the advantages of simple structure, reliable working, easy control, etc.

cement rotary kiln

The cyclone preheater is suitable for various types of kilns. On the basis of transforming and digesting the main equipment of cement clinker imported from Japan, the experts in our company have developed the five-level suspension preheater with productivity of 500 tons. The preheater can be widely used for the building and reforming of all kinds of large, medium or small cement plant equipment.

Cement Production Line

The grate type cooler is a kind of shock chilling cooling machine. The working principle of the cooler is the air blower blowing cold wind to cool the clinker spread on the deck board, which can make the temperature of the clinker decrease from 1200℃ to 100℃.

cooler for cement production line

Cement Production Process:

1. Crushing and prehomogenization

(1) During the process of producing the cement, the majority of materials need to be crushed, such as the limestone, clay, iron ore and coal, etc., and the limestone is the most commonly used raw material, with large particle size and high hardness after crushing. Therefore, the crushing of limestone cement plays an important role in the crushing of mechanically broken materials.

(2) Prehomogenization is by applying scientific material piling to realize the preliminary homogenizing of raw materials and to make the materials stockyard have the combined function of storage and homogenizing during the process of storing and feeding in raw materials.

 crushing of cement production line

2. Preparation of raw material

During the process of the cement production, the cement making machine needs 3 tons of grinding materials at least (including all kinds of raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixture, plaster) to produce 1 tons of silicate. According to the statistics, the dry method to produce cement needs to consume the energy more than 60% that of the whole factory, with the raw materials grinding more than 30%, the coal grinding about 3%, the cement grinding about 40%. Therefore, reasonable choice of grinding equipment and process, the optimization of process parameters, correct operation and the controlling of operation system are significant to improve the quality and reduce the energy consumption.

3. Homogenization

During the new type cement production process, the stability of raw material component is a premise for firing system. The homogenization system plays an important role in the stability of putting the raw material into the pit at the last line.

4. Preheating and decomposition

The preheating and parts of decomposition of raw materials are completed by the preheater, which can mix the gas in the kiln completely, add the touching area, quicken the heat transfer and improve the efficiency of heat exchange to increase the productivity ratio and reduce the energy consumption.

prehomogenization of cement plant

5. Firing the cement clinker

After the preheating and decomposition in the preheater of the raw materials, the next process is to fire the clinker in the rotary kiln.

firing the cement clinker

6. Cement grinding

The cement machine is the last and the most power-consuming process.

cement grinding

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