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Rotary Screen

Rotary Screen

Processing capacity: 12–150 t/h
Feeding size: 50–150 mm
Power: 0.5–5.5 kw
Material handling: slag, coal gangue, sand, gravel aggregate, etc

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An Overview of Rotary Screen

Rotary screen is mainly composed of the motor, reducer, roller device, airtight cover, feed port and discharge port for screening materials.
It is mainly used for sieving big or small stones, separating soil and gravel, coal blocks and coal powder, etc. It can also be called gravel screen or stone separator. Since roller device is composed of filter screen, it is also called rotary sieve.

In addition, in the mineral processing industry, the machine is also called ore screening equipment or rotary screener. There is not much difference in structure, and the working principle is basically the same.

Rotary Screen

Working Principle of Rotary Screen

Roller device is tiltly installed on the frame. Firstly, motor is connected with speed reducer, which joins the roller device through the coupling, and roller device is driven around its axis. When the materials enter into the roller device, materials on the screen surface flip and roll due to the inclination and rotation of roller device. Qualified materials will be discharged from the bottom of roller drum while unqualified materials will be discharged from the rear of the discharge port.

Rotary Screen

Features of Rotary Drum Screen:

Rotary drum screen is used in many industries such as steel making, mining, quarrying, foundries, food processing and chemical industry for the separating of bulk materials like stone aggregates, different kind of sands, active carbon and other materials.Unlike other system, the vibrating screen is simple to install and does not require skilled tuning on site. The gravel screen is mainly used for screening or classifying the gravels and it has wide application in the construction industry.

1) Configured for classification, screening, washing
2) Large processing capacities
3) Smooth running, low noise
4) Longer screen life and less blocking

Application of Drum Screen:

1) Quarry: gravel, clay, mountain meal, sand, etc.
2) Coal Industry: lump coal, coal dust, coal washing, etc.
3) Cold Mine: gold screening and washing
4) Chemical Industry: sifting calcium oxide, compost
5) Metallurgy, construction, mineral-selecting, etc.

Technical Data
Type Model and Specifications Working Area(㎡) Screen Layer Max. Feeding Size(mm) Processing Capacity(t/h) Screen Size(mm) Vibration Times Power(kw)
Self-fixed Centre Vibrating Screen 400×800 0.29 1 50 12 1-25 1500 1.1
400×800 0.29 2 50 12 1-15 1500 0.5
800×1600 1.2 1 100 20-25 3-40 1430 2.2
900×1800 1.52 1 60 20-25 1-25 1000 2.2
900×1800 1.52 2 60 20-25 1-25 1000 2.2
1250×2500 3.15 1 100 150 6-40 850 5.5
1250×2500 3.15 2 150 150 6-40 1200 5.5
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