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The Reasons Why Bearings of Stone Crushers Overheat and Its Solutions

6/7/2017 12:45:22 AM
The crushing process of the stone crushers is realized by the rotation driven by the motor. Long hours of rotation will result to the rise of temperature of the bearing. When the stone jaw crushers is working without breakdown, the heat produced during work will be dissipated in time so that the production will not be influenced. However, if the temperature of the bearings exceeds the rated value in the event of a failure, it will impact the production of stone jaw crushers. Then the equipment needs an overhaul. There are a couple of reasons and solutions for this.

stone jaw crushers

1.The influence of frictional force.    

Lubricating the bearings termly can decrease the frictional force and then decrease the heat produced by friction during work effectively. If the bearings have not been lubricated for a long time, the friction will going up because of oil starvation, resulting to the rise of temperature of the bearings. So it is necessary to lubricate the bearings in daily maintenance. Be sure to use standard lubricant.

 bearings of mining machine

2. Excessive addition of machine oil.   

Excessive machine oil will also result to the overheating of the bearing. So when lubricating the bearing, you should follow the instruction of the guide book provided by the manufacturer of stone crushers. You can also consult the technicians of the stone crushers manufacturer if you can not solve the problem. Keep it in mind that do not regard this problem as a trivial matter. Solve it in time.
 bearings of stone crushers

3. Serious wear or other damages of the bearing.

This will also cause overheating. So it is very important to replace the worn parts of the bearing in time.
 bearings of stone crushers

4. Inappropriate installation of equipment bearings.  

Adjusting the tightness of the binder bolts is of great importance to eliminate the abnormal temperature rise of stone crushers bearings. Sometimes the bearings are installed too tightly, expediting the rising of temperature of the bearings.

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