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How to Extend the Service Life of the Grinding Mill?

6/28/2017 3:30:10 AM

The strong running intensity and material hardness will cause the component wear, large parts replacement frequency and reduction of the service life of the grinding mill. In response to these problems, engineers of Hongxing Machinery points out a variety of ways to extend the service life of the grinding mill.

Grinding Mill

Firstly, ensure the normal working load. Under normal circumstances, the work intensity that grinding mill can withstand is limited.

Secondly, make the regular check and maintenance. Daily inspection work is helpful to the extension of the service life. The timely check and repair and regular maintenance will greatly improve the production efficiency.


In addition, we must take the correct technical measures and organizational management measures. Pay attention to the transport and storage process, preventing deformation, corrosion and damage of the equipment. Reduce and prevent the mechanical failure caused by human error and train the operator to use the correct methods and techniques. Deal with abnormalities in a timely manner. Besides, tight and adjust the loose and offset parts in time and make preventative replacement to the wearing parts.

In short, equipment maintenance, operation and running all need your careful management. Please consult us online for more details.

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