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How to Judge Whether the Sand Aggregate Accords with National Standard?

12/15/2016 7:00:51 PM

Henan Hongxing machinery has been committed to the production of sand aggregates for more than 30 years. We have summarized five aspects to judge whether the sand aggregate accords with national standard.

1. Granule Shape

The shape of the crushing aggregated rock should be the cube. The amount of the elongated and flaky particle should be less than 15% of the whole coarse aggregate. The proportion between the minimum thickness and the maximum length in the elongated and flaky particle should be less than 1:3. The granule with the corner angle produces more mechanical stability than that of roundness.

Sand Making Machine

2. Granule Gradation

As the key property of the aggregate, gradation has a direct effect on other important properties of compound materials, especially for the concrete. High gradation will guarantee the most stability and best flow value of the concrete, which will extend the usage life of the road.

3. Consistency of the Granule Composition

Keep the consistency of the granule composition is very important to the consistency of the mineral aggregate grading and the various technical indicators. The varying granule composition will obviously lead to the bad road quality and short road usage life.

4. Granule Cleanliness

The excess dust and other hazardous substances formed by the crushing operation of the aggregate particles will peel the asphalt mixture, which has a bad effect on the road durability.

5. Control the Contents of 0.075mm Particle

The contents of 0.075mm particles should be less than 5%-7% of the moisture base mixture to improve its erosion resistibility.

The sand aggregates produced by Hongxing machinery all accord with the national standard and satisfy the high-standard production condition in the market, which will provide superior-quality materials for large-scale projects.

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