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Dust Collector--Dust Catcher

11/10/2013 8:32:12 PM

Dust collector

Brief Introduction of Dust Collector

Dust collector or dust-precipitator is a high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable operation dust collecting machine which is developed by our company. It absorbs overseas advanced technology of bag type dust collector. It can be used in boiler, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, food and other industries, and it is one of the most extensive applications of dust removal device. Dust arresters play a major role in helping companies meet these requirements and improve both indoor and outdoor environments by capturing a high percentage of the particles emitted by industrial processes.

Applications of Dust Catcher

Dust collection is a vital process for coal handling, cement fabrication, metal fabrication, mining, chemical processing, woodworking, pharmaceutical, recycling and agricultural industries, among many others. The particles released during manufacturing processes are hazardous to both worker and equipment health, quickly leading to a number of problems if particles are not captured by dust collection equipment and filtered from facility air. Dust collection addresses this problem by drawing contaminated air through a filter or separator, trapping harmful particles and releasing cleaner air into the atmosphere or back onto the work floor.

Powder Concentrator Main Features

  • Better performance
  • Movement of air from top to bottom aids in removing powder from bags eliminating the possibilities of dust re-entrainment. This results in low-pressure drop and precious energy saving. Anti-stick coat on bags facilitates removal of powder avoiding chocking of filter bags. Automatic air pulse jet system with adjustable sequential timer to clean filter bags on-line. Bottom cone angle of housing is 450 hence powder slides freely down.

  •  Ease in maintenance and long life
  • Bag removal from top facilitates maintenance in dust free atmosphere. The bag cage has 16 wire rods for better support to bag that improve bag life. Aluminum de-cast heavy wall thickness machined ventures for distortion free and leak free performance. Heavy wall thickness renders long life.

  • Safe Instrumentation and Alarm
  • Fully automatic temperature controlled Cold Air Bleeding system is to limit air inlet temperature to protect the filter bag fabric. Differential pressure switch across bag filter is provided to know if bags are chocked. Vacuum pressure switch is provided to protect the housing and bags from collapsing under vacuum. Compressed air pressure switch is provided on pulse jet cleaning system to ensure sufficient pressure is available for proper cleaning of filter bags online.