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Mine Mixing Bucket

11/10/2013 8:38:49 PM

Introduction of Mixing Bucket:

Mixing bucket is also known as the stirred tank, and it is widely used for the mixing of non-metallic powder, small granular materials like coal, cement, gravel and clay, or mixing of various mining materials and potion ingredients which are mainly used for flotation.

mine mixing bucket 

The mine mixing bucket is mainly applied in beneficiation, and it is also widely used in infrastructure construction, such as construction, transportation and utilities.

Working Principle of Mixing Bucket:

Mixing bucket is composed of motor, impeller, stator, bearings and other components, with flat-bottomed bucket, radiation cycle, spiral impeller for mixing operation. When the impeller rotation is driven by the motor V-belt drive, drugs and slurry in the bucket will be mixed thoroughly. The machine is the necessary equipment of increasing response time of drug reactions and strengthening the quality of the drug reactions.

Advantages of Mixing Bucket:

The ore mixer can fully mix the materials, and it is featured with easy and simple operation, even materials mixing, high efficiency and short mixing time. Impeller is made of high hardness and wear-resistant materials which ensure the machine a long serve life, low failure rate, and long replacement cycle.

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